26 October 2011

a girl's voice

hi anna,


do you know THE FORTY PART MOTET by Janet Cardiff? Forty separately recorded voices are played back through forty speakers strategically placed throughout the space(from the artist's website). i experienced it last year in Osaka.i was moved so much.i was surprised at the power of human voice,song and harmony.it healed my soul.

our live show will be held next month.thank you for last year! i have to sing,play ukulele,and dance(!) this year.

i am already nervous.i hate to perform in front of people.i do not know why i join the band.probably i like singing. i sometimes feel it is like therapy.i remember i just sang with my ukulele after the earthquake.i couldn't read any books.singing made me relaxed a little bit.

can you hear a girl's voice singing with me? she learned this song because we played it again and again.so lovely.i also like the mistake by our guitarist and my friend's voice calling his son's name.i heard and enjoyed all of them(=harmony) when i was really exhausted.

i have to write recipe for you! wait a minute,please.talk to you soon!

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