01 February 2012

40-year-old bird

hi anna,


sorry,i could not post for a long time.

i went to Kyoto on (small) business.i exhibited at Keibunsha.it was kind of a sentimental journey.i was alone and i feel quite nostalgic.last time i visited to Kyoto i was not alone.

besides it was cloudy and cold. cloud always brings me melancholy. but in fact i sometimes prefer such feeling.that's life.

i recently turned 40 years old.40.......that's surprising and strange.i stared fixedly at my old photo.i am still a child.anyway,not bad.i think i can enjoy the gap. i want to fly like a bird in the cloudy sky.

how did you enjoy Tokyo the other day? I was so glad to see you.it was surprising new year present for Aki and I.


1 comment:

anna said...

this is a beautiful letter nobuko!
happy birthday - i don't believe you are already 40! omedetou!