24 November 2009

birdhouse book

hi anna,

how are you?

aomuke......abunai! you have to take care more in Hong Kong than in Tokyo.

i am not busy with work these days.but i can't go out to find something interesting because i got cold last week. i've almost got well.

i found nice book made by to-kichi in gallery it's the week before last

this book seems to have been written from imaginations about his works of paper birdhouse. these all have each name.chocolate,the green of May poverty,snow in the roof,it is fresh,bad mille-freuille and so on.very unique! all pages were printed by letterpress.the ink is subtle colour.

texture is テクスチャー in Japan.what did you photograph? i am curious.

our exhibition is coming to close.

i will write about it next time.


take care.


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anna said...

hi nobuko,

i'm back in the blog-world! i've been in australia, i will write you a letter about my time there soon. i found a few japanese people in sydney and spoke to them but my japanese is getting rusty!

the photograph was from a metal wall on the star ferry.
i'm so suprised about texture= テクスチャ. there are so many english words used in japanese, it's lucky for me...

this book looks really lovely. must be nice to be a bird and to live in such a sweet house.