29 January 2010

mina and rie

hi anna,

how are you?  

how about your foot these days?

i hear you have moved. have you cleared up your new house?

i went to mina perhonen shop yesterday.

the BGM was our favorite song,Joanna Newsom's peach,plum,pear! 

lovely music,lovely interior and lovely cloths.i was in a great mood.besides,there are some beautiful books in the shop,aren't there? i found very nice book yesterday same as usual,but i forgot the title.sorry.

i bought nice brooches which have sort of nostalgic taste(photo).these were made by Rie Ito.i bought her small vase last summer there.her works and mina perhonen's cloths are a perfect match.i am sure you will like it,too.

i am also forgetting english just like you are forgetting Japanese.i have to find new teacher as soon as possible.you know,my lovable crazy teacher left Tokyo last summer.i remember his last live in Japan was so exciting.he loved Tokyo downtown very much.his music and Asakusa are a perfect much.  

take care,



anna said...


anna said...

it's funny, when i read the title i thought you meant lucy rie.