27 February 2010

poetic cooking

hi anna,

how are you?

i enjoy to see ume and sakura(precotious type) these days.spring is coming!

i found beautiful cookbook in Limart.30 themes consist of 30 books including 10 recipes in each.the themes are cabbage,mushroom,meat,fish,melon,peach,citrus,summer evening,scent of spring, purple,jade(as colour)and so on.these are used various paper and various  printing colour.

seeing these book covers  makes me happy just like seeing blooming flower. there isn't any photo which is unusual for this kind of book.this book look like poetry book rather than cookbook.i feel her cooking is sort of poetic,so this design suits it well.you can see all here.


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anna said...

those are lovely!

ah, limart...
i had some happy hours in limart....