21 May 2010

lovely writing

hi anna,

how are you? genki?

do you enjoy HongKong now?

Have you found good cafe or bookshop?

thank you for sending me lovely letter.i really like your Japanese writing.there is beautiful primitiveness. some mistakes are poetic and inspiring.

i asked my English teacher to write some chinese character the other day.he wrote very well.i was surprised at his writing 日曜日.but he mistook .i love it.I am sorry that i can't mistake in this way.i have already lost fresh feeling about chinese character.

but i can mistake shrimp for shrine. actually i did.i hope it inspiring for English speaker. 

i and akie have started to think about ananas press's new book.

how about you? are you making something?

sincerely yours,


1 comment:

anna said...

shrimp and shrine! ha.
actually i have quite messy hand-writing in romagi too...
when i was a kid we had to write neatly before we were allowed to use a pen - before that we had to use a pencil. i was the last kid in the class still using a pencil...