10 August 2010

summer reading

hi anna,

how are you?

the book fair was so exciting that i don't need any excitement these days.

i don't feel like making new book now.it's time to read.we talked about it the other day,didn't we? 

i used to read American novels such as John Irving,Paul Auster,Richard Brautigan,Nicholson Baker.....and so on(of course in Japanese!),but regretfully,i've almost forgottn to read foreign novels for these ten years. 

i took a translation of Sudden Fiction International after an interval of 16 years. do you know this book? it includes your favorite writer:Peter Carey and Italo Calvino.i also recommend you Almost No Memory written by Lydia Davis.you can enjoy it especially in a perverse mood. 

all the best,


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anna said...

thanks for these recommendations! i'm planning on reading some of these.

i like how you say you've almost forgotten to read foreign novels for ten years. it made me laugh because i can't imagine reading only australian novels for ten years. i couldn't do it!