29 January 2011

a earring for window

hi anna,


you had tough days in France,didn't you? otsukaresama.

thank you for lovely new year greeting.my friend said he was touched by your card.good job! the exhibition was successful.

i am so busy preparing for my next exhibition with my friend who is a copperplate engraver that i can't study English these days.too bad! the title of the exhibition is Winter Tree.i select words from my favorite writings.i am bindind books now.it is challenging work for me.

you are going to exhibit in Hong Kong? earrings for elephants?! i think your earrings look,if anything, better on giraffe than elephant.anyway,it is for window in my house.

i will study English hard next month in order to enjoy Sydney.i am looking forward to see you and your wedding dress! did you find nice one?


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