07 September 2010

what a donkey you are

hi anna,


i've finished reading very interesting story by Natalia Ginzburg.( i guess there are two versions in English;Family sayings and The things we used to say.)

Natalia gave me a lot of  charming words and phrases which would make her brothers and sisters who have already been distant  both in space and reration recognize each other even in the darkness of a cave or among a million people.in fact they lived very difficult days,but the story is full of humor.especially i love her hot-tempered father who often gets furious at his wife and children with this word;what a donkey you are!

when it comes to donkey,my husband sometimes says nothing is more prettier than donkey.the image is from his scrapbook. he seems to like not only donkey but also various animals.

anyway,the other day i bought some lovely animal's postcards by boekie woekie.

i am looking forward to visiting Hong Kong. isn't there donkey in Hong Kong?

see you soon!


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