21 October 2010

rolling (in) Hong Kong

hi anna,


thank you for everything in Hong Kong!

i was fascinated by Hong Kong.it's busy,noisy,messy,open,rough and beautiful.especially i like to see a forest of old apartments.i miss a stray dog and people naked to the waist in downtown.i am sure Hong Kong is best place for stroll as stranger.i felt i mingled with people naturally because i can't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese by their appearance.that was dizzy and enjoyable feeling. 

i got to know a lot of artists and designers such as Chihoi(lovely 花花),Furze Chan(i love her paper puppet),La Jeunesse,moustache,my little airport……so interesting.

i want to know more about Hong Kong and people living in Hong Kong.books i bought there will help me. Grandma Grandpa Cook is inspiring for us,isn't it?

Rolling Hong Kong gathers no moss——this is a title of a non-fiction which i bought recently.i want to be rolling nobuko.i think visiting Hong Kong is good idea for it.actually there are so many slopes!

see you!


(the image above is from Portraits from above 

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