12 April 2011


hi anna,


i am fine.

we had an strong earthquake.i feel we were necessitated to be changed our life and mind.the disaster continue still now.sometimes i am worry about it so much.but i work and make books. same as before.

anyway,i had a great fun in Australia! a guest house i stayed was so nice for me.i decided to stay there because they have a cat.he was not so friendly,but it was OK.he was lovely.the owner who is a photographer was so sweet and charming.there are a lot of interesting books.i bought many nice books in Sydney.i want to show you them.

i visited Nagoya and Kyoto last week.i relaxed so much.there were different atmosphere from Tokyo.Akie(she moved to Nagoya) and i exhibited at a wonderful bookshop in Nagoya.

thank you in Singleton! all the memories of the party are precious which put heart(genkiness) into me.

how are you doing?


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